“Here they come!  Here they come!  Molly and Lizzie are here!”

That’s what was heard every Friday afternoon from the 2nd graders at Farmer Elementary School.

Our RSPCA Education program began in September 2013 at Farmer Elementary School. Four retired teachers, Nanci Petruccelli, Mary Rich, Jan Williamson and Linda Knott teach the classes.  Of course, the “stars” of the program are our dogs, Molly Williamson and Lizzie Knott.   Each class is one hour, one day a week for 6 week sessions.  We teach bite prevention…”Be a Tree” program …and how to be a responsible dog owner.  The dogs are involved in every lesson we teach. They not only engage the students but serve as models so that children can learn how to teach basic manners, like “sit” and “down”, to their own pets.  The students see how a well trained dog can be a part of the family and they develop empathy and compassion by seeing how we interact with our pets.  Of course, the best part of every lesson for the children is watching our dogs perform their tricks…playing basketball, “driving” a car and skateboarding,  just to name a few.

For the school year, 2014-2015, we are very pleased to continue our program with the 2nd graders at Farmer Elementary.  Mary and Nanci will teach the classes. A new dog, Beanie Rich, will attend the classes and help the students learn about responsible dog ownership.

We are also very excited to announce that we are expanding our program to the 4th grade students at Grays Chapel Elementary School. Jan and Linda will teach these classes and will include lessons on the pet overpopulation problem and the importance of having your pet spayed or neutered.  We also have two new members of our canine group…two rescued puppies…Frodo Williamson and Chewie Knott…both excellent examples of what we are trying to emphasize with this grade level.

We will also be involved with an after-school Dog Club at North Asheboro Middle School.  This unique opportunity will allow us to work with an older group of students and enable us to do projects that would be year long and involve other grade levels.

Our program is growing…our children are learning.  We are making a difference in the lives of humans and animals.

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